A cheaper version of Britain's legendary Glastonbury Festival has been organised to give cash-strapped rock fans a chance to hear their favourite music - courtesy of a line-up of tribute bands.

GLASTONBUDGET will take place on Saturday (30APR05) and Monday (01MAY05) at a farm in Leicestershire, England, to accommodate the live rock cravings of the thousands that missed on Glastonbury tickets - or simply couldn't afford them.

Bosses have signed up a succession of tribute acts, including COOLPLAY (Coldplay), STEREOTONICS (Stereophonics), AC/DO (AC/DC), THE JAMM (The Jam), T REXTASY (T-Rex) and U2 imitators US4.

Organisers insist the event is"about having a good time with quality acts and ale for a fraction of the cost".

Tickets cost a mere $52.25 (GBP27.50) for the two-day event, compared to the $237.50 (GBP125) fans have to pay out for Glastonbury, which takes place in June (05).

25/04/2005 09:40