Soul legend Gladys Knight is looking to extend her stay in Las Vegas, Nevada as a further tribute to African-American stars who once couldn't get a hotel room on The Strip.

The singer has spent five years as one of the biggest attractions in Sin City and she's hoping to stay there for many years to come.

And Knight loves the fact she's the first African-American artist to have a residency in the centre of the desert mecca.

She says, "It's for SAMMY (DAVIS JR) and ELLA (FITZGERALD) and SARAH (VAUGHAN), all of those people that came before us that could not even live on The Strip.

"To be consistently on The Strip, in the heart of The Strip, has never been done by an African-American artist.

"I don't think they were expecting it to become the number one show in Vegas. I felt good about what we were doing... We've held that A-rating since the first six months after we opened."

30/06/2005 01:50