Giuliana Rancic has no regrets about admitting that she believes having a strong marriage is the greatest example she can set for her child.

The 'E! News' anchor - who caused controversy last month when she said she and her husband Bill put their relationship first and their seven-month-old son Duke second - says that while they are ''both so happy and grateful'' to be parents, she still believes her connection with her husband is more important than ever.

The 37-year-old 'Fashion Police' host told ''It's so important to stay connected to your spouse as a new parent. Having a strong marriage is the greatest example you can set for your child.

''[Bill and I are] always checking in and trying to put each other first -- that's what keeps us strong.''

However, Giuliana also insisted that her son is still the centre of their world, saying: ''Baby Duke is so adorable, and we're loving every minute of parenthood: Every 'first' he has is the greatest moment in the world.''

Giuliana, who recently revealed she would love to have another baby via gestational carrier, previously said that she and Bill don't plan to put their relationship second just because they have a child.

She explained: ''After seven years together we adore and respect one another more than ever and are proud of the bond we share and will continue to share it with our son, whom we love very much.''