Giuliana Rancic's baby is a flirt.

The E! News anchor and her husband, Bill Rancic, welcomed their first child, Duke, via gestational carrier in August 2012 and he is rapidly growing into a little charmer.

She said: ''He is really showing his happy personality and he is definitely a little flirt. He loves it when I have my girlfriends over! And he's starting to laugh - it's a deep cartoonish laugh and it's so funny.''

Despite struggles with infertility and a breast cancer diagnosis, Giuliana has never been happier.

She told OK! magazine: ''My journey to motherhood was not easy but it was all worth it. Bill and I are so blessed to have Duke in our lives.

''We have talked about having more kids but for now we are just loving every single minute we have with Duke.''

However, Bill is keen for them to have more children so Duke will have a brother or sister to play with.

He said: ''Well, we're not getting any younger. And everyone we've talked to tells us to keep them close in age so they can really connect and have that bond. Everything is in place so we can do that.''