Giuliana Rancic admits returning to work after having a baby has been tough.

The 'E! News' anchor and her husband Bill welcomed son Duke via gestational carrier earlier this year and going back to work in November was more difficult than Giuliana expected.

She said: ''It is hard. What's important now is different from what was important a few months ago.

''I used to linger around the office. I was always working even at home. It was 24 hours a day.''

''The other morning I was having the best time with Duke and he was making faces that I had never seen before and was being so cute. Then I looked at the clock and I had to go to work. So I keep thinking, 'Am I going to miss something?' ''

Bill added: ''With Giuliana, it's remarkable to see how the baby has changed her, just the devotion the little guy evoked and the mother instincts kicked in.''

To help Giuliana, Bill sends her videos of Duke every day.

She explained to Life & Style magazine: ''It's one thing to look at pictures. But when I see video, I feel like I'm with him.''