Giuliana Rancic says her son's christening was one of the most beautiful experiences of her life.

The TV presenter and her husband Bill welcomed Edward Duke into the world in August via a surrogate and earlier this month they had the tot baptised and Giuliana admits it was an emotional moment.

She told Life & Style magazine: ''Seeing Duke's eyes shining up at us in church in his white christening gown was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. Bill and I made vows on his behalf - our faith is very strong - and Duke was just smiling the whole time. He's such a good baby.''

Earlier this week, Giuliana returned to work and she admitted she cried as it was so hard leaving her son.

The 37-year-old E! News anchor said: ''It was hard to leave the little guy I'm not going to kid you. But you know pulling into the E! parking lot I swear to God it was like I'd never left. It came right back, it was like riding a bike.

''He's only three miles away. I'm fine. I'm going to do what most moms do. It is hard but hopefully I'm going to bring him in a couple of days of the week. He's so new. He's only 11 weeks old.''