A press photographer has filed a complaint with authorities in Costa Rica - accusing Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady's security guards of shooting at his car during their wedding.
The couple wed for a second time in a sunset ceremony at Bundchen's home in the South American country on Saturday (04Apr09).
Yuri Cortez, who was taking pictures from afar using a long lens, claims a bodyguard employed by pair accosted him and demanded he hand over the memory card from his digital camera.
The snapper, who insists he never stepped onto the venue grounds, refused and left the scene in his Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV).
Cortez claims the security team then opened fire on his Suzuki - with the bullets ripping through the car's windows.
He tells "I put my foot on the accelerator and I heard the gunshot that shattered the rear window and broke the windshield. It very nearly hit me."
Cortez has reportedly filed an official complaint with police and judicial authorities in the area following the incident.
The Brazilian model first wed her football star boyfriend in an intimate ceremony in February (09), but the pair tied the knot for a second time in front of family and friends this weekend (04Apr09).