Gisele Bundchen doesn't want to know the sex of her unborn child.

The pregnant Brazilian supermodel - who is due to give birth this month - has no idea whether she is expecting a boy or a girl even though her husband Tom Brady has already found out.

The American Football star revealed: "I'm really the only one that knows at this point. My dad asked me. I haven't told him. Gisele doesn't know. It's a pretty good feeling knowing something that no one else knows.

"She's a very intelligent woman. I wanted to find out and she didn't, so she said, 'Go ahead.' It will be a surprise for her."

The 32-year-old hunk - who already has a two-year-old son, John, from a previous relationship to actress Bridget Moynahan - is taking extra care to make sure he doesn't spoil the surprise for Gisele.

He explained: "I always mix it, using boy and girl pronouns. I don't think I've ever slipped. I'm very conscious when I'm saying it."

This news follows rumours in October the 29-year-old beauty is expecting a girl.