Gisele Bundchen is the new face of New York jeweller David Yurman.

The Brazillian catwalk Queen is taking over from Kate Moss for the luxurious designer's new ad campaign after the British supermodel reportedly upset the jeweller when she was photographed for fashion house Fred in an advert which was strikingly similar to David Yurman's.

The beauty posed topless her The Fashion line - which she helped design jewellery for - and her move is said to have been the final straw for David who decided to replace her with Gisele instead.

At the time David said: ''The Fred campaign is embarrassingly similar to the one David Yurman ran a year ago.

''We are confident consumers know the difference.''

Kate had modelled for the line for eight years and she has previously revealed her Laid Back attitude to her work saying: She said: ''Sometimes I go to work. Sometimes I go to work hung over. Sometimes I don't turn up at all.'

A source close to the jewellery house told the Mail Online: ''David decided that after Kate's faux pas she just wasn't the right fit for the brand any longer.''