Gisele Bundchen had her son christened yesterday (22.06.10).

The supermodel and her NFL quarterback husband Tom Brady - who wore matching navy outfits - invited friends and family to St. Monica's church in Santa Monica, California, for the baptism of their six-month-old tot Benjamin.

After the service, the guests left the church - which was also where Tom and Gisele married last year - and celebrated with lunch at the beachfront hotel Casa del Mar, according to X17Online.

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old Brazilian beauty claims Benjamin is already potty trained.

According to Gisele, Benjamin uses the toilet after breastfeeding in the morning and afternoon after she consulted a parenting manual for tips.

She told Brazilian website "Give it about five minutes, and bang."

Her sister Tia Patricia added: "Every time she calls me to see it, I say, 'Do not want to see it.' "

Gisele is trying to teach Benjamin to use the potty early because she is trying to cut down on the tot's use of diapers.

She explained: "Diapers pollute the environment. Where does this garbage go?"