Gisele Bundchen used to share showers with her sisters because her family was poor.

The Brazilian supermodel is one of six girls and she admits money was very tight in their two-bedroom house so they would often wash together in a bid to save time and energy.

She told Vogue magazine: "We slept in bunk beds and every time anyone wanted a shower, it was like, me first, me first! Sometimes my sisters and I would share one together to save time."

Gisele - who has a 23-month-old son Benjamin with husband Tom Brady, and is also stepmother to his five-year-old boy, John - says she's still extremely close with her siblings and parents and loves taking vacations with the entire family.

Speaking about taking time off from working to see her loved ones after being in the business for 16 years, the 31-year-old catwalk beauty said: "Family, for me, is my base. I'm so grateful for that. I really feel that if I did not have that foundation when I was 16, I wouldn't have dared to leave. Every year we have a family holiday, all of us together - my sisters, my parents, my sisters' husbands and children. It's kind of a sacred time."