Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady finally look set to move into their new home as their much-publicised mansion constructed over the past 18 months finally nears completion. The couple's new 'humble' abode is alleged to have cost some $20 million and has been built in one of Los Angeles most affluent areas, Brentwood.
More stats about the mega home - that will see the model and American Footballer joined by two year-old son Benjamin - are as follows: at 22,000 square feet, the building boasts eight bedrooms, a six-car garage, a lagoon-shaped swimming pool with spa, a weights room, a nursery and a huge wine cellar; its two wings are connected by a bridge and there's also a lift and a butler's room. Quite spacious then and probably the envy of the neighbourhood if the residential surroundings weren't also home to the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Heidi Klum. The construction hasn't been without its setbacks, reports the UK's Daily Mail, the couple came under fire from environmentalists and they were forced to retort that the house was green-friendly with solar energy, energy-saving lighting, rainwater recovery systems and a waste reduction system.
At $20 million, the price of the project would be enough to make most eyes water, but then Brady and Gisele are worth a reported $90 million themselves - following the former's successful Football career and the latter's lucrative modelling deals.