Gisele Bundchen's representative has dismissed pictures showing the married supermodel kissing a man at a party - insisting the incident was just an affectionate gesture between two old friends.
The Brazilian beauty, who is married to football star Tom Brady, hit headlines last week (ends03Oct10) when she was photographed in what appeared to be a steamy clinch with art dealer Helly Nahmad.
But Bundchen's rep has now come forward to explain the catwalk star has been friends with Nahmad for 15 years and their embrace was just a friendly cuddle.
The spokesperson tells Us Weekly, "This is her friend of 15 years, Helly. Her first New York friend when she moved here. (He was) the only one (Bundchen) could speak to (when) she spoke no English. He is very much part of her close circle of friends. No worries there!"
Nahmad has also laughed off the incident, telling Brazilian newspaper O Dia, "Gosh, it was a kiss on the cheek."
Bundchen married Brady in 2009 and they are parents to a son, Benjamin, who was born last December (09).