Girls Aloud singer SARAH HARDING has reportedly started dating a market stall holder from London.

The stunning blonde recently split from her journalist boyfriend only to fall for part-time barrow boy Tom Crane.

However, this isn't quite a princess dating a pauper, as Tom is also a part-time DJ at trendy London club Mahiki, where he met Sarah.

According to the Sun newspaper, the DJ has had a sting of jobs since leaving school including barman and clothes shop assistant, although now he divides his time between selling London memorabilia from a stall in Covent Garden and DJing at clubs.

But a source told the paper that Tom, who also lives in upmarket Covent Garden, was smitten with Sarah for a while before they even met.

They said: "He used to tear her pictures out of magazines.

"He's always fancied her and when he said he had actually pulled her we laughed. Then she turned up at his flat - no one could believe it."

31/05/2007 10:03:40