A cocaine baron who planned to use Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle's flat as a base for his drugs empire was yesterday (28FEB07) jailed for 14 years. In August 2005, BRYAN MILLER and his gang were given keys to Coyle's north London home by a crooked estate agent who mistakenly believed she had already moved out. Thinking they were entering an empty flat, they came face to face with the Irish beauty. Prosecutors told Harrow Crown Court in Middlesex, England the gang were planning to use the house to sell cocaine worth GBP2 million ($3.9 million). In January (07), Coyle told the court, "I was sitting in the living room with my mother. She told me there was someone coming in next door. I said no way, that was my house. "I went to the door and there were four men. If I had been home alone I would probably have been in the shower or something and that would have been shocking." Miller's accomplices Jason Miller, MARC FISHER and EWART HENRY were jailed for 16, 15 and 12 years respectively.