Cheryl Cole "couldn't care less" what her husband thinks of her appearance.

The Girls Aloud star - who has been married to soccer star Ashley Cole for five years - insists she makes her own mind up on her style choices regardless of his viewpoint.

The 26-year-old beauty dyed her hair red for a magazine shoot earlier this year and wants to return to the colour, despite her spouse not being a fan.

She said: "Oh I couldn't care less! I loved it and that's the main thing. I might consider doing it again, but permanently. "

The singer admitted she has made bad style choices over the years but now knows what suits her - though she is terrified of cutting her hair short.

She explained to InStyle magazine: "I used to think you could wash your hair with a bar of soap. Then there was the time I was overweight and I cut my hair short. It made my face look moon-like.

"It's a shame, because it stopped me from cutting it again. I associate long hair with feeling good. At school, whoever had the longest hair was the coolest girl."