Giorgio Armani will show on the final day of Milan Fashion Week in February 2015.

The Italian fashion house have confirmed their catwalk show will be on the sixth and final day of the event, in a stand against the show season being shortened to five days earlier this year to accommodate guests travelling to Paris Fashion Week.

Italian Fashion Chamber president Mario Boselli told WWD: ''I want to personally thank Giorgio Armani who gave proof of great sensitivity and generosity towards the Italian fashion system.''

Giorgio, 80, was extremely vocal in February when the Autumn/Winter 2015 schedule allowed for fashion editors to leave Milan early, meaning they missed his show because he was the only ''big name'' featuring on the last day.

He said at the time: ''There are some who prefer to snub the Giorgio Armani show and got to Paris. When we decided to show the last day, other big brands were involved. But currently this is an empty day.

''Does this mean protecting the Italian fashion? Where is the camera? I rejoined it but I can always exit again. I can just put in a phone call.''