Giorgio Armani has ''constructed a world'' for himself.

The 83-year-old fashion designer had a modest childhood so loves the fact he has been able to use his career to surround himself with the life he admired on film and in books.

He said: ''My family was a modest family with modest opportunities, so I basically constructed a world for myself. And that's why I love this job so much, because it has allowed me to build a world to which I never belonged--a world that I saw in films, and that I read about in books. I built my own way of being .''

The style legend is a big fan of British period dramas and the way people used to dress, as he laments the fact people now typically only wear one outfit from morning until night.

He told Harper's Bazaar magazine: ''There's a representation of a world and a way of being that I love very much.

''There's one way of dressing for breakfast, another for dinner, and clothes depending on the various circumstances that presented themselves throughout the day.

''But nowadays, you put on something in the morning, and you only take it off when you go to bed at night.''

The Italian designer recently chose London Fashion Week for his Emporio Armani show, to coincide with the opening of his Bond Street store, and though he thinks the city has changed a lot over the years, he believes it has become more ''sophisticated''.

He said: ''I've been away from London for quite some time. The city has changed, I've changed, and fashion has changed. But what has stayed the same is my desire to express myself. Because in this rapidly changing world, you can be influenced, dragged in one direction or another, and lose your own identity. But I have eyes and ears; I look around and listen.

''So this is what it means, this is the London of 2017, 2018. And now I consider London to be more sophisticated, perhaps, than before.''