The 37-year-old actress is expecting her second child with husband Josh Dallas, with whom she stars in hit television series Once Upon a Time.

The couple is already parents to son Oliver, who turns two in May (16).

As she attended the premiere of her new movie Zootopia on Wednesday night (17Feb16), Ginnifer told E! News that she and Josh will be adding to their family with another son.

"We honestly wanted that," Ginnifer added. "Josh has a brother, I have a sister and we are both close to our siblings. Any two the same - we don't care which!"

The happy news comes after Ginnifer revealed she is hoping both her children will inherit her love of all things Disney.

She stars as a Disney princess in Once Upon a Time and previously described Josh as her "real life Prince Charming".

In a new interview with Disney twenty-three magazine, Ginnifer laughed: "We've gone to Disneyland probably a bit more than is healthy.

"Oliver loves, loves, loves it. I have a video of him having a dance jam with Pluto and Donald. He cries when we take him away from the characters instead of what most toddlers do, which is cry when the characters come to them."

The couple announced its second pregnancy news back in November (15).

Ginnifer tied the knot with Josh, 33, in April, 2014 after they originally started dating in late 2011.

Meanwhile, Josh has previously complimented his wife on her skills as a mother to Oliver during a chat with People magazine.

"It's extraordinary because she is, literally, the greatest mother that I know," he said. "It's extraordinary to have your partner, who you've known all this time, blossom into this woman... who is so nurturing, so caring and just so cool. She's so cool and she's a cool mom. It's great."