Killer 7

Killer 7 - Review PS2 - Capcom

Killer 7 - Review PS2 - Capcom

Killer 7 - Review PS2 - Capcom
Killer 7 - Review PS2 - Capcom
Killer 7 - Review PS2 - Capcom

Capcom's latest stride into the horror adventure genre is definitely on a different tangent to what we've come to expect from the Resident Evil and Devil May Cry series.

Harman Smith is a mean old man in a wheelchair, but that's where the similarity with Ironside stops. He pushes himself around with a huge rifle strapped to his back and also has a host of personalities he can morph into which are all capable of beautiful violence. Each of the characters has a different style which matching weaponry and special ability. As a quick taster; Mask de Smith is a Mexican wrestler in a white suite with a couple of very powerful shotguns, Kaede Smith is the only female who bares a sniper pistol and the ability to break down barricades and Kevin Smith looks nothing like the tubby, bearded ‘Silent Bob' you may expect.

You are an assassin group known as Killer 7 and its bestowed upon you to stop the Heaven Smiles terrorist monsters from reeking havoc on the world. There's a political undercurrent of something happening with the UN and Japan as well but its not as easy to follow what the big picture of your mission is, so just take it a monster at a time.

This is by no means a shoot ‘em up, although you will need to have an expert thumb when you are in the shooting gallery style fight scenes to pick out the highlighted weakspot on the approaching demon. All they want to do is give you a hug, but unfortunately they're loaded with explosives so its best to stop them with a few bullets before they get chance to share the love. Unlike other gore-fests the blood in Killer 7 serves a greater purpose than just redecorating the surrounding walls. By eliminating the enemy on their weakspot you are rewarded with Thick Blood that can then be used to revitalise your character, build ‘charge shots' or buy hints from Yoon

Hyun. Paying for a tip comes with a price though, Yoon stands there giving you the bird with both hands calling you a loser for needing his help. This is just one example of the type of humour you can expect throughout the game which works well to emphasis the different style used in Killer 7.

The other guide who helps you on your quest is called Iwazaru. Although I'm still unsure whether he does actually help, he pops up here and there to tell you that you're in a tight spot and things are looking bad and not much else. Not the kind of inspiring team talk you may want…. but it is the sort you would expect from a bitch suspended in the air wearing a red PVC gimp outfit.

There is no freedom for roaming as you follow a railed path through the levels but it works well as it keeps the comic-book style of the cel-shaded graphics consistent. It's certainly a refreshing style, even though the controls take a little time to get used to. Its also difficult to build up momentum at times as there is a loading screen between almost every room, not a major problem but is one of the factors which will make you feel a bit more frustrated when stumped by a puzzle. The “music” and sounds FX add to the unusual design of the game. As the demons are invisible you are made aware of their presence by a cackling laugh or the sound of a few rusty wheelbarrows. And as for the noise made by your guides? Well, that sounds like someone's pushed Stephen Hawking into a swimming pool. Some will say it adds to the atmosphere of the game, others will say it made them reach for some Neurofen.

This is a strategy game where you will need to use the strengths and abilities of the 7 characters to be able to progress. There are times when you feel you have tried everything and then just as you are about to start using the disc as a drink coaster you discover the solution. But you are rewarded for your patience with some aesthetically pleasing cut scenes and bizarre but comical dialogue.

If you appreciate the style of Kill Bill and Sin City and like the idea of getting home and spending a few hours away from reality testing your strategy and shooting skills then this will do just fine. Once captured by the smooth style and bizarre theme you are likely to put the time and effort in to see what treat is waiting for you in the next stage.

On the other hand, if you aren't in the right frame of mind for a bit or surrealism and railed controls then it is more likely to just annoy you.


7 out of 10

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