The Jane the Virgin star is known for her luscious locks, but she is set to undergo a dramatic style change in a few weeks for a new movie role.

"I'm gonna look different in a month," Gina told PeopleStyle. "I'm cutting all my hair off and dyeing it - cutting as in a Ruby Rose cut. This is gonna be my first transition in not rocking long hair."

The lovely Latina, a natural brunette, admits she is a little nervous about the chop because she rarely does anything to her tresses.

"I have (dyed it) in the past for a role," she recalled. "I had to dye it blonde - I didn't bleach it and rather just did temporary colour for the movie itself. But outside of that, I've never done anything like this."

"I get compliments (on my hair) all the time, and that's what actually really scares me about cutting my hair," she continued. "(But) I'll live. It's always like, 'You have such pretty hair,' or, 'Your hair looks so healthy.' I'm like, 'Thank you, (it's) because I washed my hair today.'"

However, Gina is drawing confidence from Orange Is the New Black star Ruby, who has already given her fellow TV star a thumbs up on the style change.

"she will look awesome. As always," Ruby wrote on Twitter after a fan alerted her to the news.

Responding to the sweet compliment, Gina, a spokesmodel for John Frieda hair products, posted, "Ruby, my woman crush for life... this just made the cut that much easier to do. You are delicious."