The lovely Latina insists she doesn't have a lot in common with Jane Villanueva, and even has to change her voice for the role that won her a Golden Globe award earlier this year (15), but the more she "lives" with the character, the more she wants to be like her.

She tells Adweek, "She's patient and understanding and forgiving. And she always gives people the benefit of the doubt. I can definitely understand Jane when she makes fearless decisions because of her convictions.

"She turns the other cheek a lot, and I'm a little bit feistier. Her approach is just so diplomatic, and I've been trying to let those characteristics rub off on me.

"But we grew up very differently. I had both of my parents in the house; she has a single mother. I have a different culture; she's Mexican, and I'm Puerto Rican. And I speak in a different register. I talk a little deeper... And Jane doesn't bite her nails; I ravage my fingernails."

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