The American appears on Ellen Degeneres' talks show on Thursday (21Jan16), where she chats about the new season of the hit CW show Jane the Virgin. The second series see's Gina's Jane welcome a baby, son Mateo, despite still being a virgin. This meant the 31-year-old got to star alongside a little one, and having a tot around got her biological clock ticking.

"I feel like, they bring the baby up to me and my ovaries are like ‘Ahhh, come here baby,’” Gina said to the twin boys who play Mateo.

“I want one so bad, I do. But I don’t want the whole process, I just want one to arrive. Like the stork conversation.”

When Ellen told her she could have that if she adopted, the Golden Globe-winning star seemed to like the idea.

"Yeah I just might do that," she nodded. "I definitely want to adopt.”

If she did choose to go down the adoption route, she'd be joining stars like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Madonna and Guy Ritchie and Sandra Bullock in doing so.

Jane the Virgin has been a runaway success, and returns to screens on 25 January (16). Talking about the show, Gina revealed the question she always gets in real life is: "Are you a virgin? And I'm like, 'I'm 31'. That's it."

However her younger screen alter ego still very much is a virgin, despite the baby.

"Because she wants to wait until she gets married, it's very important to her," Gina explained. "But the next few episodes we're definitely going to talk about how difficult that is. How difficult that concept is in her head, how she hasn't been able to take that step."