Gina Carano has spoken to reporters about her experience filming fight scenes in the new movie Haywire. The film's director, Steven Soderbergh reportedly built the film around Carano after seeing footage of her cage fighting. According to an MTV article, Carano told reporters "I didn't have to worry about getting choked out, and there were no egos with any of the actors. They all wanted to do all their own stunts."
The former martial arts fighter stars alongside such Hollywood heavyweights as Michael Fassbender, Ewan McGregor, Antonio Banderas and Channing Tatum in the film, most of whom have also discussed the quality of her fighting ability. Tatum says "To be totally honest, she's better than every guy I've ever fought, really. I can say this without any amount of trying to say it for the movie: I challenge anyone to come and fight her or even move with her. She's by far the best athlete I've ever gotten a chance to move with. She's so strong and in control." Ewan Mcgregor added "I didn't ever have any issue with the fact that I was having to do this fight scene with a woman, because I was the underdog."
The story of Haywire, which also stars Michael Douglas, is centered around Carano's character - a black ops supersoldier - who seeks revenge after she is betrayed by her colleagues. From its opening reviews, the film scored respectable 81% on the Rotten Tomatoes review site, with the Los Angeles Times review describing Carano's stunts as "entertaining, highly amusing and frankly somewhat awe-inspiring."