Gillian Anderson thinks America is obsessed with cosmetic surgery.

The 47-year-old actress believes stars in the US are obsessed with slowing down the process of ageing by banishing the wrinkles, where as Europe is a lot more open to the idea of growing old gracefully.

Speaking to NewBeauty magazine, she said: ''I think in Europe, in general, there's a sense that women who age naturally can be beautiful, whereas I'm not so sure that's the perception in America, specifically in LA. I think that it's seen as a flaw somehow, like wrinkles are a flaw.

''There will always be the desire, as women see themselves getting older, to stop the process. Ultimately, it comes down to embracing that process and embracing one's self at the age that one is, which is hard. I'm sure I'll find myself along the way in some situations saying, 'Do I, should I, would I?'''

But the blonde beauty - who has three children Piper, 21, Oscar, nine and Felix, seven - has admitted it wasn't until she saw her skin suffering in her 40's that she started to pay more attention to it.

She explained: ''I'm pretty dependent on Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser - I rely on it - that's a staple. It feels natural, moisturising, smooth and silky and gives great coverage without making it feel like I'm wearing anything. That's a pretty big statement for me.''

And it's not just looking good that makes Gillian feel her happiest as she believes she feels most content when she finds the right balance.

She added: ''I start my day with meditation. Even just waking up a few minutes before my kids wake up to centre my head. It makes a big difference. When I get enough sleep, meditate, eat healthfully and have a balance in my life between work, family and friends and have cultural intellectual stimulation--it's a lot to ask. But, when that balance is right, I probably feel the most fulfilled and the happiest.''