Gillian Anderson's daughter wishes her mother would take a role in something she likes.

The 44-year-old actress has declined exciting parts in the past to focus on caring for her kids, and 18-year-old Piper is left disappointed when she learns what parts her mum - who also sons Felix and Oscar with ex-boyfriend Mark Griffiths - could have had if she'd said yes.

When asked whether she has turned down parts because of family commitments, Gillian told Stylist magazine: ''Yes, but also because I don't like the roles very much. Not that they're not good!

''Whether it's 'Game of Thrones' or 'Downton Abbey', my 18-year-old daughter cannot believe I've turned down things she loves. But with a four and six year old, I can't justify spending that kind of time away from home, unless I'm working with (Martin) Scorsese.''

The 'X Files' actress - whose latest project is British thriller series 'The Fall' - shies away from the limelight because she would rather spend time with her family than attending glitzy showbiz events.

She added: ''I read things in an attempt to ground myself and remind me to stay in the here and now, rather than jump too much into the future of planning and organising the chaos of life.

''I try not to spend too much time on screens, which is a challenge today ... I enjoy the work I do and I'm very grateful because I like being on a set. I like being part of a production and the creative process. I get a lot of enjoyment and reward from that.

''But I'm happiest when surrounded by my kids, whether that's in a house or a park or whatever, and there's laughter. That brings me most joy.''