Gillian Anderson fears she'll regret working so hard.

The 51-year-old actress - who has kids Piper, 25, Oscar, 13, and Felix, 11 - has admitted to having mixed feelings about her busy schedule and how it influences her family life.

Asked if she regrets working so hard, Gillian shared: ''Not yet. I have a feeling that will come.

''I definitely feel like on a level I do regret Piper flying back [to her dad, when she was six] as an unaccompanied minor.

''But there's another version of my life where I could have worked less, had a smaller life and been more present as a parent. I could have chosen that, that could happen.

''But sometimes it feels like why would you, if you keep getting work as an actor, doing things you dreamt of doing and being offered incredible roles at this age, while paying the bills, and you still get to see them a huge percentage of the time and they witness a mother enjoying her work?''

Meanwhile, Gillian also revealed she considers herself to be an ''all or nothing'' personality.

She told the Sunday Times newspaper: ''When I'm working, like right now, I seem to exist mostly on chocolate. Then I go through a stage when I feel dreadful and I review it all and start a food plan, torture myself counting shots of milk and all that.

''In the cycle of all or nothing, I am in the nothing phase right now. It has gone on for quite some time, but I think I am better to be around.

''I was having lunch with my daughter and we were just, you know, eating, not asking for stuff without oils or sugar, and she said, 'It's so much better when you are not in that place.'''