Gillian Anderson ''could be a therapist''.

The 50-year-old actress - who stars in the new Netflix comedy drama 'Sex Education' - believes she could become a professional therapist because she has always been good at giving advice to her friends and family.

Speaking to 'The Late Late Early Early Show' with Paul Ross on talkRADIO, Gillian said: ''Over the years people have often come to me for advice and I've certainly have had a lot of therapy. I could be a therapist''

Gillian plays sex therapist Jean Milburn in the show, which also stars Asa Butterfield.

The actress confessed that she had a lot of ''fun'' playing Jean because it's such an ''out of the ordinary'' topic.

Gillian added: ''I really liked working with Asa, I think he's fantastic in the show and most of my scenes in the show are with Asa or another guy that comes into Jean's life later on and so I had a lot of fun actually!

''It's also fun to make the most of it, realising the opportunity you have in that moment to make the most of something that is a universal and potentially awkward, weird and ordinary but also out of the ordinary topic. It was fun to play with it and to go in different [directions].''

Asa was similarly enthusiastic about working on the show.

He said: ''It was great and it was like because we were filming all of our scenes pretty much together, it was an intense couple of weeks and we do have some great scenes together and that mother/son relationship, talking about these issues is so relatable.

''I certainly have felt that a lot of the things I would feel in a scene with here, things I felt talking to my mum growing up and I'm sure you felt the same way.''