Sexy actress Gillian Anderson feared she'd made a major mistake when she signed up for hit TV series THE X-FILES, because she thought some of the plots were laughable.

Anderson teamed up with actor David Duchovny to play paranormal detectives on the show - which became a worldwide success - but was relieved when her contract expired, because she tired of filming "stupid scenes".

She says, "There were so many stupid scenes we filmed, at times I couldn't quite believe what I had got myself into.

"Like an episode about killer cats. I'm allergic to cat hair so they had to make a fake cat out of bunny fur and I had this scene where I was being attacked by this creature.

"Someone down below was moving the cat prop and I had to pretend it had its claws digging into me while I held on to it, screaming. But we had to keep cutting because the bunny fur kept sticking to my lips."

12/03/2004 19:15