Pregnant actress Gillian Anderson has vowed to give her second child priority over her career when the baby is born in the new year (JAN07). The redhead beauty, 37, is expecting her second child with new boyfriend, British businessman MARK GRIFFITHS - a brother or sister for her 11-year-old daughter PIPER from her first marriage to director CLYDE KOLTZ. Anderson admits she didn't concentrate on motherhood as much as she could have when Piper was born in 1994, because she was balancing parenting with playing DANA SCULLEY in sci-fi TV show The X Files. She says, "The first time around, I was oblivious to the miracle and stages and the joy. "I cannot remember Piper kicking. Was it the hours, the special-effects smoke, the dummies with maggots eating their eyes out? "What distracted me from such an important and momentous experience." Anderson separated from second husband Julian Ozanne in April (06).