Gillian Anderson has rubbished rumours she has turned her back on THE X-FILES, insisting she wants to make a third big-screen version of the hit show.
The actress rose to stardom in 1993 after landing the role of FBI Agent Dana Scully in the sci-fi series.
When the show was axed in 2002, Anderson launched a stage career in London's West End but was lured back to shoot 2008 movie The X Files: I Want to Believe.
And the star is adamant she is happy to continue in the role that made her famous, despite rumours she is trying to distance herself from the show.
She says, "There isn't any reason not to do it. I feel a commitment to that group of people I worked with and we still enjoy doing it. There is no reason not to come together and do it again. If they can pull it off, we'll find a reason to make it."