Actress Gillian Anderson is blaming the popularity of new Batman movie THE DARK KNIGHT for THE X-FILES film's low box office grossings.
The X-Files: I Want To Believe, starring Anderson and David Duchovny, earned a disappointing $10.2 million (GBP5.1 million) in its opening weekend (26-27Jul08) in the U.S., while The Dark Knight took an impressive $75 million (GBP37.5 million) in the same weekend.
And Anderson is convinced that her movie - based on the hit TV show - is suffering because so many people are flocking to see the Batman sequel.
She says, "It's (The X-Files film) had a bit of a rough time in the States. It's opening against one of the highest grossing movies, Batman.
"People in the States are so used to lots of CGI (computer-generated imagery), action and sex and we don't really off a lot of that in this film."