Gillian Anderson came close to losing her job on cult TV show THE X-FILES - but was saved when bosses saw her on-screen chemistry with co-star David Duchovny.
The actress shot to fame in 1993 after landing the role of FBI Agent Dana Scully.
But her career was left hanging in the balance when she fell pregnant with her first child shortly after completing the first series of the sci-fi show.
Anderson, 40, is convinced studio executives considered axing her character after hearing the news.
But the programme's creators kept her on and plotted an alien abduction storyline - keeping her off camera long enough to give birth to daughter, Piper, now 14, and enjoy a 10-day maternity leave.
And Anderson believes that without the obvious sparks between her and Duchovny, she would have been replaced by another actress.
She says, "They would have loved to have punished me but realised there was steam picking up. I thought they were overreacting but now I see it from their perspective. I would have been bloody p**sed if I had been them and had cast a girl, against my better judgement, who got pregnant after the first season."