Giles Deacon says his next collection is "like a croissant".

The British designer - whose 70-piece pre-fall range is hitting stores in June - compared his latest offering to the food to illustrate how the pieces will be staple to fashion fans' wardrobes.

The Fashion mastermind - who is also creative director of French label Emanuel Ungaro - said: "Cruise collections are like a croissant or tagliatelle - they're the bread and butter of your wardrobe. They're becoming more and more like full collections.

"Customers want new products through the seasons and you have keep them wanting more. If you want to stay relevant in this industry you have to keep upping the ante."

Giles also confirmed his new collection will take a step away from the playful style he is usually known for, saying the razor-cut designs are "a bit school ma'am" - but refuses to conform his collections to a theme.

He told "This collection is very strict and very austere. There's more tailoring and sharper lines. It's harder and there's more structure - it's the complete opposite to what we were doing for spring/summer.

"We've gone a bit a school ma'am and a lot more disciplined. There's no set theme though - I hate themes. They make everything so tawdry and boring."