Giles Deacon would love to dress Anne Hathaway.

The British designer - who has previously worked with Kelly Brook and Victoria Beckham in the past - is keen to work with the 'One Day' beauty because he likes her look.

He said: "We've never dressed Anne Hathaway. She has an amazing presence and I think she's a pretty good actress.

Anne is not the only star the 41-year-old sartorialist is particularly keen to work with, with Lauren Bacall named as his all-time style icon.

He said: "Lauren Bacall would be really interesting to dress. She's a Hollywood legend and was married to Humphrey Bogart, so you wouldn't mess with her. She'd let you know very clearly what she has after and you'd willingly do it."

Discussing his own style, Giles admits he loves to splash out on designer suits.

He added to Now magazine: "I'm terrible at buying things for myself. As you can tell, I dress a bit like a tramp!I really like YVES SAINT LAURENT men's suits and Tom Ford suits and ties. I'd really love a Tom Ford dressing gown. That'd be worth maxing out my credit card."