Giles Deacon is inspired by Tim Burton's films.

The British fashion designer has taken inspiration from the 'Edward Scissorhands' director's fantastical universe for his autumn/winter 2013 collection to create a whimsical new line which plays on the relationship between dark and light.

He told ''I wanted to do something really flamboyant. It felt very right for us to do that.

''I've always liked the Burtonesque world of things - the light and dark, the serious and the not-so-serious. It's just kind of life in general really.''

The designer - who founded his eponymous label in 2003 - previously revealed his main ambition is to expand his fashion empire by opening dedicated stores all over the world, following the growing success of the label in New York.

Giles said: ''I'd love to open a couple of stores and see the whole Giles world together. Our couture client base is also growing - I was just out in New York, where we sold really well.

''In the space of 15 minutes, customers can decide to drop upwards of $30,000.''