Giles Deacon has created a capsule collection for Matches.

The designer - who has previously collaborated with high street store New Look - has created items exclusively for the online retailer, with pieces such as T-shirt dresses, sundresses and even chinaware to feature on their website.

Each piece features a hand-drawn illustration by Giles, which he based on a series of dolls he made while travelling.

He explained: ''I always have a stack of sketch books on the go at any one time. The difficulty is that I travel a lot and, logistically, it's not that easy carrying everything around with you from country to country.''

He also believes Matches is a good platform for British designers and supports their ''progressiveness'', telling ''Matches is good at supporting British designers and promoting them on a worldwide stage.

''I love their progressiveness. I wanted to design a line that had something for everyone and pieces at a reasonable price too - so there are plates, cashmere scarves, canvas tote bags, as well as the dolls.''

With the dolls he revealed they are based on real-life people, though was secretive as to who, saying: ''Well, yes, but I could never disclose exactly who.''