Following Gil Scott-Heron's death on Friday (27 May 2011), a series of artists have paid tribute to the late singer-songwriter. Gil Scott-heron, often dubbed as the 'Godfather of Hip-Hop', died in a New York hospital, aged 62.
Many artists have acknowledged his death. Eminem wrote on Twitter: 'RIP Gil Scott-Heron. He influenced all of hip-hop', whilst Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah wrote: 'Salute Gil Scott-Heron for his wisdom and poetry! May he rest in paradise'. Gil Scott-heron's latest album, 'I'm New Here', his first studio release for 16 years, was released last year. Richard Russell, who produced the album, described him as 'a master lyricist, singer, orator, and keyboard player'; whilst stating, 'Gil was not perfect in his own life. But neither is anyone else. And he judged no-one. He had a fierce intelligence, and a way with words which was untouchable; an incredible sense of humour and a gentleness and humanity that was unique to him'. Scott-Heron was most famous for his spoken word piece 'The Revolution will not be Televised' in 1970. He then established a catalogue of work which transgressed various music genres such as jazz, soul and blues.
Gil Scott-heron leaves behind widowed actress BRENDA SKYES and a daughter.