LATEST: Multi-million dollar advertisements for flop flick Gigli are being pulled by disappointed studio SONY PICTURES.

The Jennifer Lopez and BEN AFFLECK starring movie has been a complete box office disaster and Sony has replaced the pre-booked TV ad slots with teasers for its more successful film Bad Boys II.

One TV executive confides, "They're making every effort to pull advertising."

Cinema chains are obliged to show Gigli for the next two weeks, but have already relegated to it to the smallest screens at the multiplexes.

AMC THEATERS spokesman RICK KING says that when a movie bombs in its first weekend "we don't often see it getting better".

Following awful reviews, Gigli took just $3.7 million (GBP2.3 million) over the weekend (1/3AUG03), putting it in eighth place at the box office.

Gigli cost $54 million (GBP33.8 million) in production costs and $22 million (GBP13.8 million) in advertising bills, although it is expected to make some money back from TV and cable network deals and video sales.

05/08/2003 17:14