Yolanda Hadid advised Gigi to ''develop yourself'' before being a model.

The 52-year-old television personality - who is the mother of Gigi and Bella Hadid -always told her daughters to put themselves first and have a better sense of self before they open themselves up to potential criticism from ''the rest of the world''.

Speaking about her mother's wise words and the secret to her success to Teen Vogue, the blonde beauty - who was recently crowned International Model at The Fashion Awards 2016 - said: ''Before modelling, my mom said, 'Develop yourself and what you think about yourself before you go into an industry where the rest of the world is going to judge you.'''

And the catwalk icon has revealed it is ''hard'' to cope with people judging her, her body and her love life.

She explained: ''Sometimes you have hard days and sometimes people judge you just by guessing from a photo. Like she's a bad girlfriend because she wasn't smiling the second she walked out the door or she's this or she's that ... You start to think you're supposed to be perfect in all of these moments.''

But the fashion muse believes you have to have a strong mentality and ''remind'' yourself to do everything in life with ''good intent''.

She continued: ''But you have to remind yourself that you do everything with good intent. The mental thing is the most important thing.''

And this is not the first time 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star has given her brood tips to help them with their successful careers at the helm of the fashion industry.

Speaking previously, Bella, 20, said: ''[Yolanda is] my emotional angel.

''She always makes me feel so much better. Just like any mother would.

''She's just like, 'Shoulders back, be confident and walk strong.'''