The fashion star siblings are two of the hottest names in the industry, with countless big campaigns and collaborations between them. While 21-year-old Gigi, whose credentials include Guess and Stuart Weitzman, signed with IMG in 2013, 20-year-old Bella, who counts Dior and Givenchy ads among her achievements, followed suit the year after, and the company’s president Ivan Bart predicts big things from the pair.

“It’s very clear that both of them are entrepreneurial and also could really lead a brand,” Bart told WWD, noting how twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen evolved into accomplished designers from a TV career.

“It’s still a work-in-progress for the Hadids. I think that they’re both finding out more about themselves and as they grow into beautiful women, all these opportunities are open to them. I’m not quite sure which way they’re going to go.”

Designer Tommy Hilfiger also speaks highly of the sisters, having worked with Gigi on clothing collection TommyXGigi. Between them Gigi and Bella boast over 30 million Instagram followers and over four million on Twitter, which Hilfiger thinks plays a big part in why brands approach them. However he stresses that social media presence should be “authentic” in order for fans to relate and notes the public get a majority of information on such fashion stars from their online profiles these days.

As far as the Hadid’s future goes, Hilfiger believes all doors are open.

“It’s interesting that everybody assumes that as models move through their career, that maybe the first thing would be acting, and that might be, because there are people who’ve asked for both of them to do something, maybe, in film. But I’ve been doing this for 30 years and careers evolve,” he added.

He also confirmed his collaboration with Gigi will carry on into spring (17), with the next offering dictated by the consumers.