Gigi Hadid feels ''inspired'' by Zayn Malik.

The 22-year-old model has been dating the British singer since late 2015, and she's revealed that Zayn's willingness to take risks with his fashion choices has led her to be more gutsy, too.

She shared: ''[Zayn] has amazing style on his own and we do the normal, 'Does this look good?' or 'Do you like this?'

''But he's really inspired me to wear what makes me happy and be really true to my own style because he does that every day. So, it's fun to watch him and from there have fun with my own style.''

The blonde beauty - who hails from Los Angeles, California - also revealed she loves the fashion trends in England, where Zayn is from.

And Gigi explained that the distinctive attire influenced Tommy Hilfiger's TOMMYNOW Fall 2017 Show at London Fashion Week, where she walked for the designer on Tuesday (19.07.17).

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''British street style is so epic and that grunge and rock-and-roll feeling that Tommy is speaking about is so prominent here. It was an inspiration to the collection, so [this is] a background for what we're doing.''

Meanwhile, Gigi said earlier this week that Zayn and his mother Trisha have both been giving her cooking tips.

The model explained that her boyfriend has been particularly helpful when it's come to learning how to make traditional British and Indian dishes.

Gigi shared: ''Zayn has helped me a lot with my British food love and Indian food love and his mum's an amazing cook.

''I'm trying to learn everything as I go and make a little cookbook, writing it all down instead of annoying his mum by texting her every week.''