Gigi Hadid thinks that she and her sister Bella are ideal catwalk partners.

The 22-year-old model and Bella, 21, opened and closed Anna Sui's fall-winter 2018 dual runway at New York Fashion Week on Monday (12.02.18), and Gigi feels like they are good professional partners.

She shared: ''We work well together. We're good at timing each other on the same steps and stuff, so it's good.''

The blonde beauty explained that the American fashion designer wanted them to do something slightly different for her runway show.

And that meant the Hadid sisters were required to do ''some extra rehearsals''.

Gigi told E! News: ''Anna's done something really fun this season and gave us some homework of [watching] some old-school runway shows and how they used to walk and carry themselves.

''So, Bella and I are opening together, and we kind of had to do a little practice, a little homework and some extra rehearsals, but it's really fun to do something new and kind of challenge ourselves in that way.''

Meanwhile, Gigi previously explained that while she and her sister share the same values, she considers Bella to be more ''rebellious''.

She explained: ''[Growing up in California] Bella definitely was the more rebellious. We're different, but we're also the same in a lot of ways. We're both creative, we love riding horses, we love being outdoors and we're spiritual - we have the same values of kindness and passion. That's why I connect with her as an adult.

''I think the most we ever fought was like in middle school if she would steal my clothes out of my closet. You know, now she sleeps at my apartment during the week and she can wear whatever she wants. She's definitely stolen more out of my closet than me out of hers.''