Gigi Hadid was less popular with boys in high school after they'd seen her play volleyball.

The 23-year-old model was captain of her high school volleyball team and considered pursuing a career in the sport, but admitted her male classmates found her ''scary'' after seeing her competitive side on the court.

Speaking on the 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon', she said: ''I was pretty good; you probably would have gotten scared of me on the court.

''You know guys would be like 'Let's go watch Gigi on the volleyball court.' By the end of the game, they were like 'She's scary, I don't think she's cute anymore.''

The blonde beauty also admitted that she occasionally struggled to remain calm while competing in the sport and would be issued ultimatums by her coach in order to keep her temper at bay.

She explained: ''Like my coach, we'd have to have some clam downs like 'You're not gonna be able to start next game if I see you punch the ground once.' I'd like get mad and get really into it. ''

The star insisted that it's important for young girls to get involved in extracurricular activities which ''inspire them'' and make them want to improve themselves.

She said: ''I played high school volleyball so intensely, went to junior Olympic qualifiers and it's just something I think is so important for young girls to find that value in themselves in other things.

''In things that inspire them or things they wanna get better at and those for me were volleyball and horseback riding and art and those things, that you know that you're great at and you love makes you feel like you have a future at them.''