Gigi Hadid had to keep the details of her Maybelline make-up range a secret from her family.

The 22-year-old model recently launched her beauty line with the cosmetics giant, and the star has revealed no one knew about the project, not even her sister Bella Hadid, 21, only Maybelline New York's Global Make-up Artist Erin Parsons, although she ''wished'' she could have announced the news sooner.

Speaking about the top-secret venture to PEOPLE, the blonde beauty said: ''When I landed in London on the tour for my Tommy Hilfiger line [in September], we had to go straight to a radio show. We had to pretty much do hair and makeup for the show in the tiniest bathroom you've ever seen. Erin did my make-up with the Jetsetter palette but she couldn't say it because it wasn't announced yet. We were talking about it after - how she wished she could tell people what we used.''

But the catwalk icon has revealed she had ''the most fun'' making the line because she knew exactly what products she wanted to include in the collection, which is split into two categories East Coast Glam inspired by New York City, and West Coast Glow that is influenced by the California beach vibe.

She continued: ''What was the most fun was that I knew what I wanted to do from the get-go and Maybelline was so supportive of me making products I couldn't always find shopping for myself.

''I wanted to make a collection [with products] that are easy to use, easy to put on and [can create] looks that work from day to night just by adding a lip or liner at the end of the day.

''I travel [so much] for work and I never want to pack and unpack my makeup bag all the time. I look up to girls who can wake up in the morning and do a full face of makeup and look amazing. But I just can't put on all that makeup and make it look good.''

And Gigi has revealed not only are her collections inspired by various hotspots in America, but also by her friends.

She added: ''There are lipstick colours that are inspired by my friends and named after them.''