Gigi Hadid loves her body.

The 22-year-old model recently revealed that she's experienced weight fluctuations because she has Hashimoto's disease, which causes thyroid damage, but the blonde beauty says she has still grown to appreciate her figure.

She shared: ''I've loved my body when I was just diagnosed and I loved [it] going through it and I love my body now.''

The American star believes women should love their bodies, irrespective of their size.

She told E! News: ''It's just about everyone accepting their body as it matures and knowing that it's not always going to look the same and you can love yourself in all different sizes.''

Gigi is also pleased that she's been able to connect with her fans who suffer from the same condition.

She explained: ''I think it's good to be honest. I've talked about my experience with Hashimoto's but a lot of people can connect with it.''

Gigi recently discussed her experiences of Hashimoto's disease, revealing on her Twitter account that it's the reason why her body has changed shape over the years.

She wrote on the micro-blogging website: ''For those of you so determined to come up w why my body has changed over the years, you may not know that when I started @ 17 I was not yet diagnosed w/Hashimoto's disease; those of u who called me ''too big for the industry'' were seeing inflammation & water retention due to that.

''Over the last few years I've been properly medicated to help symptoms including those, as well as extreme fatigue, metabolism issues, body's ability to retain heat, etc ... I was also part of a holistic medical trial that helped my thyroid levels balance out.

''Although stress & excessive travel can also affect the body, I have always eaten the same, my body just handles it differently now that my health is better. I may be ''too skinny'' for u, honestly this skinny isn't what I want to be, but I feel healthier internally and (cont)

''(cont) am still learning and growing with my body everyday, as everyone is. (sic)''