Gigi Hadid is ''very bad'' at looking after her skin.

The 22-year-old model shuns traditional beauty rules such as taking off her make-up before she goes to bed, but her make-up artist, Erin Parsons, thinks her client is lucky as it doesn't really matter because she has a ''naturally beautiful'' complexion.

Erin said: ''She's very bad at looking after her skin and sometimes sleeps in her make-up.

''If you fall asleep in your make-up, using an exfoliant and eye masks can remedy the effects.

''But Gigi has naturally beautiful skin. It always looks fresh and buttery.''

When she isn't working, Gigi - who is dating Zayn Malik - favours a more natural make-up look and admitted she feels ''intimidated'' by the flawless faces she sees on Instagram.

She said: ''I think I've always been intimidated by Instagram generation make-up.

''I love it on other girls, but I don't have their make-up skills. And on my days off, I don't want to apply a full face of make-up - that's what I do for my job.''

But even on a down day, the blonde beauty will always be wearing her beloved nude lipstick.

She said in a recent interview: ''Everyone has their thing they do before they leave the house - a nude lip is mine. It makes me feel put together, instantly.

''On a normal Saturday, when I don't want to wear much make-up, I will do a nude lip and an eye contour they're what I call my bits.''

Gigi met Erin on a Pirelli calendar shoot when she was just 16 and they always enjoy working together.

Erin recalled: ''She was a kid back then and had this baby face.

''I hadn't heard of her before but when I did her make-up, her face completely transformed.

''We started working together on more shoots and just clicked.

''We have fun because we're such good friends.''