Gigi Hadid likes to impersonate ''characters'' to feel ''empowered'' during Fashion Week.

The 22-year-old Victoria Secret model always looks glamorous in front of the cameras, but she admits that the constant photographs can be ''intimidating'' so she impersonates gives herself different alter egos to help her get through the day.

Speaking to Harper' she said: ''With work, a lot of the time it's intense to wake up and have a lot of cameras outside - it can be kind of intimidating. Sometimes there's a character that comes to mind that excites me for the day so I try and take that personality into what I'm wearing. It helps get me out the door and feels empowering. [The photographers are] something that I can't control but what I can control in a situation is how I feel and how I dress and what helps me feel braver to do those things.''

The model is used to jetting between London, New York, Paris and Milan for fashion month where her schedule is back to back every week, and the blonde beauty reveals her secret to looking ''fresh'' throughout her travels are five simple products.

She said: ''My simple beauty routine [starts with] moisturiser, and then I add colour - a bronzer or blush can make you look awake and healthy. I also love a good mascara, but even on days I don't wear mascara I think just filling in your brow can make you look more put-together. And then I always finish with a nude lipstick. So I like to think simple and clean, but glowy - just keeping it fresh.''

The American model also makes sure to prioritise sleep, admitting that she is often found ''under a table'' trying to sneak in a nap before strutting down the runway.

She said: ''Sleep is the number one thing. Just having a responsible sleep schedule, and pushing yourself to adjust to a time zone quickly, helps [you get through]. It sounds exhausting, but I like to land and go straight to work. If I'm working all that day then it keeps me awake.

''Even at a show, I can always be found in a corner or under a table like, 'I'm just going to have a lie down'. Everyone's asking, 'Are you okay?' I'm like, 'Yes, it's just nice and quiet here.' ''