Gigi Hadid is Anais Gallagher's style crush.

The 17-year-old model daughter of Oasis rocker Noel Gallagher prefers a casual look for herself but admitted that she is hugely impressed by Gigi's fashion choices.

She told Miss Vogue: ''Her outfits are always on-point. I would have her entire wardrobe if I could. She has a really good balance of looking put-together and totally effortless.''

However, Anais - who is the new face of Reebok - says her own personal style is low-key and she usually likes to dress in sportswear.

She said: ''My style is laid-back and comfortable. Most of my clothes are sportswear or vintage. I only have pocket money, and I have to dress appropriately for school.''

And she is thrilled to be working with Reebok on their Autumn/Winter 2017 collection.

She said: ''When I first started senior school, all the older kids were wearing Reebok workout trainers. I wanted the white ones with the gum sole so badly.''

''It was a really organic pairing, as it's a brand that I genuinely wear. I would never put my name to a brand that I wouldn't wear myself.''

''Reebok has brought back the big, bold logo, but all the pieces have a familiar feel to them. It's not out-there, so it will pair well with everything else in your wardrobe.''