British rapper Giggs's upcoming show in London has been axed by police over security fears.

The rising hip-hop star was set to perform at the Under The Bridge venue in Chelsea on 15 October (13) but the Metropolitan police have decided to cancel it.

The move comes three years after his U.K. tour was scrapped due to police warnings over the "potential risk" his shows could cause.

Giggs, who has spent time in prison for firearm possesion, has hit back at the latest blow, releasing a video via to slam authorities for giving his show the green light before u-turning on their decision.

In the footage he says, "I'm not even going to lie. Great work, man. Genius. Beautiful. Usually you don't even give it the go-ahead, you cut it off straight away, but actually making me think it was going to happen and cancelling it a few days before... loved it.

"You went hard with that one. So good luck to you. You're always going to slow me down, you've been slowing me down, but I'm still here."